* Self-Developed C/C++ GNSS Software Package (GAFAS, NGAFAS)



   GPS/GNSS Network RTK 기술에 기반한 Cm급 정밀 항법/궤적 추출 소프트웨어

   (클릭 후 다운로드 가능, L1 RTK, RINEX 데이터 처리)


- 네크워크 RTK 인프라 기술의 국산화  +  (실시간 데모 영상) 1 2 3 4 5 6 

  기존 상시관측소 변경 없이 활용 가능





Simulation and Real-Time Positioning Based on GPS/GLONASS

Written in C-Language

Accuracy, Availability, and Continuity Enhancement by Position-Domain Hatch Filtering

Multiple Fault Detection, Isolation, and Reconfiguration even with Single-Frequency Receivers

Inter-Ambiguity Resolution by Lambda Method

Cm-Level L1 RTK Functionality

Interfacing with Various Single- and Dual-Frequency Receivers from Trimble, Novatel, Septentrio, and U-blox

Ntrip Customization (Sever, Broadcaster, Client)

RTCM/NMEA Encoding/Decoding

Capable of Constructing Distributed Real-Time GNSS Master Station

Capble of High-Accuracy Ionospheric Map Generation in Real-Time




* LIDAR(Light Detection and Ranging) Module




Hokuyo UTM-30LX : 2 sets




* Vision Sensor Module




Bumblebee XB3 Stereo Vision Sensor : 1 set


Cusomized Vision Sensors



* Receiver Modules based on Software Defined Radio (SDR)




Ifen SX3 GNSS Software Receiver : 1 set


Ettus USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) : 2 sets




* Dual-Frequency Reference GNSS Receivers




Trimble : 1 set


Novatel : 3 sets


Septentrio : 2 sets





* Multi-Channel  GPS/SBAS Simulation System (




GPS L1 C/A code and SBAS generation

wide dynamic capability in both Doppler and power level

12 independent signal channels

High fidelity,accuracy,repeatability and dynamics

Multiple vehicle types with comprehensive error effects

Wide selection of pre-loaded test scenarios

Capture receiver data

simulation truth data in NMEA-0183 format




* GPS1005 OpenSource GPS Receiver (




Raw GPS measurements (pseudorange, carrier phase, Doppler)

OpenSource code

RF Sensitivity: -135dBm for tracking

12 parallel channels

L1 band (1575.42MHz) operation

C/A code (1.023MHz chip rate)

RF Sensitivity: -135dBm for tracking




* SIGTEC GPS Receiver Firmware Development Kit (




Evaluation KIT

Development KIT

ARM-based OEM Board

Design KIT





* Trimble ACE III GPS Starter Kit (




Raw GPS measurements (pseudorange, carrier phase, Doppler)

L1 frequency, C/A code (SPS),

8-channel, 32 correlators

Update rate : 1Hz




* MI-A3350M Inertial Measurement Unit (




Raw inertial measurements (angular rate/specific force)


   Maximum Angular Rate ± 60 °/sec

   Rate Resolution < 0.05 °/sec

   Range ± 180 ° or 0 ~ 360 °

   Resolution (1 sigma) < 0.05 °

   Static Drift < 40 °/hr


   Maximum Angular Rate ± 300 °/sec

   Rate Resolution 0.5 °/sec

   Range ± 180 °/± 90 °

   Resolution (1 sigma) < 0.5 °

   Static Error 2 °

   Dynamic Error 3 °




* XSENS Miniature, Gyro-Enhanced Attitude and Heading Reference System (




Real-time computed attitude/heading and inertial dynamic data

360º orientation referenced by gravity and Earth Magnetic Field

Integrated 3D gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers

On board DSP, running sensor fusion algorithm

Gyroscopes enable high-frequency orientation tracking

High update rate (120 Hz), inertial data processing at max 512 Hz

Individually calibrated for temperature, 3D misalignment and sensor cross-sensitivity

Accepts and generates synchronization pulses




* Analog Device Tri-Axis Low Cost MEMS IMU + Magnetometer (




Triaxial, digital gyroscope with digital range scaling

±75°/sec, ±150°/sec, ±300°/sec settings

Triaxial, digital accelerometer, ±18 g

Triaxial, digital magnetometer, ±2.5 gauss

220 ms start-up time

4 ms sleep mode recovery time

Tight orthogonal alighment, <0.05°




* Spread Spectrum Ultrasonic Location System (




Prototype for Game Interface




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